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July 15, 2020
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VLSI Projects – How To Become A Circuit Designer?

VLSI Circuit Design

VLSI Circuit Design: There were days when huge computers made of vacuum tubes occupied an entire room dedicated for itself. As you know, these machines don’t stand a chance in both speed and efficiency of the gadgets in your pocket today. This is achieved by Very-Large-Scale-Integration.

On basic terms, VLSI or is the process of creating an integrated circuit by combining thousands of transistors into a single chip. The electronics industry has achieved a phenomenal growth over the past few decades. This is mainly due to the rapid advances in large scale integration technologies and system design applications.

Consequently, the current cutting-edge technologies such as high resolution and low bit-rate video and cellular communication are growing. These provide the end-users lots of applications, processing power and portability.

We’ll discuss developing an engineering project on VLSI domain. There are lots of exciting Final Year Project Ideas that can be developed. For example, a Robotic ARM Controller. You can program a robotic arm like a normal mechanical arm utilized in industries. Incidentally, this arm can be used to pick and place various objects from one place to another. Since you are implementing Simple vlsi mini projects instead of embedded systems, this project becomes quite advanced.

Let’s talk about circuit designing. How about designing an IC for Regulated DC Power Supply? You must be aware of regulated DC power supply. Actually, most of the circuits require a DC voltage for their operation. We can use simple batteries to provide the voltage. But the major problem is the batteries limited time. For this reason, the only way we have is, to convert the AC voltage supply to the required DC voltage.

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