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Latest VLSI Project Ideas for Final Year Students

Simple VLSI Mini Projects: VLSI - Very Large Scale Integration Technology which involves designing an integrated circuit with the combination of transistors into a single chip of several logic circuits. At the same time, the ICs reducing an occupied circuits space when it’s compared to the circuits with the conventional ICs. In reality, both space utilization and computational power utilize the main challenges of Simple VLSI Mini Projects.

Simple VLSI Mini Projects for Engineering Students

Bluetooth Based Wireless Home Automation System

The technology advancements are having the possible implementation of an embedded system within home appliances. It enhances the demand for smart homes where the appliances react automatically to changing the environmental conditions. Which it’s controlling the common devices. This technique result is cost-effective, simple and flexible for making the best candidate for the smart home solutions.

FPGA Based Robotic ARM Controller

In order to, the robotic arm is typically a programmable mechanical arm, which is utilized to place and pick several objects in the industries from the one place to another. The parts of these arms or manipulators are interconnected through an articulated joint that allows a rotational movement.

Some List of Latest Project Ideas

The final year VLSI Projects plays a crucial role in developing skills and also upgrade career opportunities. It also helps in a real-time application as well as build a project expose in the practical side of the students.

  • Wireless home automation
  • Robotics ARM controller
  • Both XNOR and XOR gates
  • High stability 8T SRAM
  • Cloud temperature monitoring

Cloud-Based Temperature Monitoring System using IoT

To build a cloud-based monitoring system is essential to reduce the cost of maintaining servers to avoid data losses and to make access with several internet-connecting devices. Such as mobile phone, tablet, and computer. As a matter of fact, Cloud Computing projects, IoT based temperature monitoring system which helps to monitor the food preservation system temperature and updating the data to the cloud at regular interval.

Job Opportunities

The VLSI sector will expect to develop in the future. Who will interest to start their career in the semiconductor industry. At the same time, they need to have jobs and growth opportunities in that domain for a Computer Engineering Projects. There are various job opportunities in this industry. The several opportunities in this industry that is CAD engineer, Design Engineer, Technical support, Application Engineer and verification engineer.

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