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About ElysiumPro Campus Training Service

Campus Training Our tie-ups with many organizations make us qualified in offering genuine placement assistance to students. 273+ Companies Placement Tie-up.

I n addition to final year projects and quality document guidance, we offer on-site “Campus Training” program to students from engineering colleges and other academic institutions to equip them with the necessary skills to face the corporate world with confidence.

It is a result oriented approach to placement-training and soft-skill training for students to acquire adequate skill sets and right mindset to boldly face job interviews. Our tie-ups with many organizations make us qualified in offering genuine placement assistance to students.


273+ Companies

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Campus Training – ElysiumPro

Placement Oriented Courses

Placement Oriented Courses focus on the technical aspect of an IT career. Students are trained on the programming languages such as C, C++, Java, PhP, Android, Networking, Ethical Hacking, Network Security, Data Analysis and Business Intelligence Tools. Many students are exposed to mere theory based learning during college. To remain up-to-date and relevant in today’s competitive work environment, students ought to improve their practical knowledge and technical skill sets as well.

Campus Training – ElysiumPro

Soft Skills Training

Soft Skills Training is to improve the communication skills of the students so that they can express their thoughts and ideas clearly. A candidate may be technically proficient but if he can’t convey his proficiency effectively on a job interview, he might be rejected. Our soft skill training focus on various aspects such as vocabulary building, oral communication, written communication both formal & informal, group discussions, mock interview sessions, and conference calls.

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These extensive sessions imparts the right attitude, perceptions, belief systems, career planning, self confidence and self esteem required for a successful career and fulfilling life.

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Mission of ElysiumPro


Engineering project for Students

Ultimate Destination

To be the ultimate destination for final year engineering projects and papers via strategic planning that’s admixture of research, technology, and creativity.
Academic Project for Students

Advanced Guidance

To offer quality Project Report and Document Guidance on advanced domains for final year projects. Our research papers are regularly published in more than 2600 science journals.

India's Largest Project Training Center

Elysium Pro has been the most sought-after destination for project development and training for the past 18+ years.

We are not just providing the projects to the students. Our team support them for getting placements in reputed companies.The Training will be based on project as well as campus training .

Campus Training :

To make them feel stable and build confidence. Our Institution has added this affinities. To make them improve to their knowledge what the corporate wants.

It improves their adequate skill-set and build your mindset. Many students who are well versed in knowledge are not strong in their verbal. So, make them improve in all aspects . Our Team have included this to enrich their knowledge.

Since , projects for engineering lies on last semester. Indeed , We have introduced this scheme which are timely useful for students.

Elysium Placement Support will help the students to support them towards their destination.