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Table Of Content
  • Introduction
  • Android Development Trends
    1. Instant Applications
    2. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
    3. Chatbots
    4. Android Jetpack
    5. Internet of Things
    6. On-demand Apps
  • Future of Android Development: The Bottom Line


Android Development Trends: The future of android app development is quite promising due to it has a bunch of technologies. In fact, both the users and developers want to have the best experience. In today's world, to stay competitive and also if you're going to improve user engagement, then you would keep the following android trends.

  • Instant Applications
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Chatbots
  • Android Jetpack
  • Internet of Things
  • On-demand apps

Instant Applications

Generally, Instant applications are not a trend in android development, but they keep gaining popularity. In fact, the significant idea of instant applications can help to allow users to try apps before installing them to the device. It helps to get more installs of the apps. This android development trend is useful for many eCommerce businesses and also games.

Example for the New York Times has released the Crossword application. It has an instant version; therefore, users can play a game without installing it.

While choosing Instant Apps, there are some advantages available such as

  • Best UI/UX design
  • Full access to android applications without download the application
  • Compatibility with several android devices
  • The user experience of native application

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

People use artificial intelligence and machine learning trends on their smartphones every day. In fact, Google has a smart assistant who helps with routine tasks. In addition, there are a lot of AI-based photo editing applications such as Prisma, Face App etc. In 2020, android development trends are going to have even more artificial based features such as Chatbots, Voice translators and also smart predictions etc. Further, the combination of artificial intelligence and machine learning provide many changes to the future of android development. In that case, for example, these technologies analyze the user behaviour and interactions with an application and help to make more suggestions. Since AI is not a new technology for android app. Several enterprises use Artificial Intelligence. LinkedIn, is the most popular social media channel, uses AI-based algorithms to provide appropriate work offers. As well as, it can analyze the user's skills and experience to show job recommendations etc.


Customers appreciate Chatbots for their fast responses and the ability to answer 24/7. According to recent stats, 65% of business using Chatbots that belong to the B2B field. Therefore, Chatbots are one of the android trends. If you have used applications such as Skype, hike and Siri, you may be receiving several messages generated by the system on behalf of an individual. These are known as "Chatbots". Chatbots, along with the latest technology, will be a significant part of mobile applications for real-time interactions and also retains customer attention. This trend will help to resolve the problem of losing your customer and maintain the market share.

Android Jetpack

Basically, it is a suite which is full of libraries, tools that help programmers to create advanced applications. In fact, the primary purpose of this set is to deduct routine development tasks. Google provide structured documentation that helps to make it easy to start using this tool. In that case, there are four major components such as architecture, UI, behaviour, and foundation etc.

UI: It provides widgets and helpers to make android apps user-friendly.

Architecture: Several architecture components assist in enhancing robust and maintainable android apps.

Foundation: It delivers cross-functionality such as testing and Kotlin programming language integration.

Behaviour: It helps developers implement several android services such as permissions, notifications etc.

Internet of Things

Generally, Internet of Things based applications provides a simple environment for users to connect to IoT-enabled devices. Being the best operating system, Android is the dominant player in this development. In fact, it is the convenient choice of business and also developers to develop IoT projects.

According to the recent statistics, the IoT market can reach $1.4 trillion in upcoming years. In fact, this technology is useful for various industries such as healthcare, logistics, and e-commerce etc. An example, there are more healthcare devices which help to track health condition and transfer collected data to the doctor. Further, this technology is useful not only for healthcare but also for education. And the example for the education sector, there are some learning projects such as Edmodo, C-Pen, and Nymi that integrated the Internet of Things.

On-demand Apps

Generally, it is one of the significant trends for Android development that helps to improve customer service. In fact, there are plenty of on-demand apps such as Uber or Postmates. However, these applications help do everyday tasks faster and more comfortable. At the same time, on-demand applications can follow several purposes. In that case, there can be grocery delivery applications, taxi applications, cleaning services etc.

On the other hand, this application can analyze users’ locations and provide the required services. Example of an on-demand app, Google Maps shows nearby hotels or petrol stations. Having a list, users can identify the appropriate one and get directions.

The Future of Android Development: The Bottom Line

Without any doubt, android trends 2020 can provide innovative technology for Android development.

The most significant trends there are:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Instant apps
  • Chatbots

Further, another trend to mention is Augmented Reality. This Android development trend came from the past few years. In fact, augmented reality provides a lot of opportunities for several industries. An example for augmented reality such as many Instagram and Snapchat filters are based on android projects.

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