Make a New Standard Android Projects in Current Technologies to Become an Android Developer

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Make a New Standard Android Projects in Current Technologies to Become an Android Developer

People started using smartphones in an ever-growing manner. In fact, people own more than one smartphone these days. Android app development plays a vital role in the business world. It is the most popular smartphone operating system in today’s world. As a matter of fact, most companies are looking for Android developers with proper skills and knowledge in android.

Importance of Android Projects

Android is a Linux operating system, and it is mainly designed for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. It became very comfortable for users, and they are showing more interest to use the devices. In today's world, everyone is talking about thinking out of the box and innovation, it is important which students are taking up projects that are lead to some breakthroughs. Therefore, many engineering students are trying to get skills and knowledge on Android Projects and applications by doing the final year projects. So, here listing some innovative android project ideas

  • Backward path growth for the mobile recommendation
  • Crowdsourcing for indoor localization
  • Instant messenger using Google cloud messaging
  • Chatting application using Google cloud messaging
  • GPS call taxi services using Google map
  • A prescription viewer using application
  • Steganography techniques to mitigate using smartphone application
  • Essential Skills – Perfect Android Developer

    Mobile application development skills are in high demand as most companies take a mobile first-approach to develop their applications. Skills required to become android developer such as

    Java: Android applications are written in Java, make sure to have strong foundation knowledge about java language. It should go beyond the syntax to understanding the object-oriented thinking which underlies all java applications. In fact, it is the core of application with strict coding for data handling.

    SQL: Most mobile app acquires a backend top store applications and user Data Mining Projects, and the powerful database platforms in use today are still relational and query using SQL.

    XML: XML is useful for a developer to create a layout and act as a foundation of UI definition. The work of the application is done in java, but making it look best requires XML. Your application user interface layout can expressing in XML.

    Android SDK : Software Development Kit provides easy access to the mobile device specific hardware and functionality such as camera and accelerometer to provide native device experience to the users. It is full of handy code libraries which let your application make use and phone specific features such as a camera.

    Android Studio: Integrated Development Environment of choice for the Android Developer is known as an android studio. It can integrate development environment pulls together all the tools you need to write an application with the functions need to test and debug it. Become familiar with this studio and take advantage of the shortcuts and features it provides to help effectively and efficiently create android sample projects for beginners and bug-free code.

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