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May 14, 2019
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Biomedical Embedded Systems: In the current era, our lives have started to become more dependent on an embedded system, digital information technology which is embedded in our environment. Anyway, What are embedded systems? It is the combination of both hardware and software that together form a component of an electrical device which we use in our daily life. As a matter of fact, it became a massive interest in the Biomedical field. Generally, embedded systems are introduced into this field to cater to medical issues which necessitated monitoring and maintenance frequently in a day.

List of Latest Biomedical Embedded Systems

Here the list of latest Biomedical Project Ideas in Embedded Systems such as

  • MRI and CT Scanner
  • Sonography
  • Digital Flow Sensors
  • Defibrillator
  • Blood Pressure and Glucose Test Set
  • Fetal Heart Monitoring Machine
  • Wearable Device

MRI and CT Scanner: It is one of the great examples of medical applications in Big Data Projects. In fact, it is used in MRI and CT scanner that uses radio frequency pulses and X-rays to produce detailed pictures of the parts of your body and the structures inside your body.

Sonography: Embedded systems are also used in sonography is known as ultrasound imaging that uses high-frequency sound waves to image soft tissues such as internal organs and muscles in real-time.

Digital Flow Sensors: Although, it is yet another application of biomedical in an Embedded System Projects such device which monitors the respiratory system of the patient. In fact, any irregular breathing, the doctor is immediately alarmed.

Defibrillator: Many heart patients die due to cardiac arrest that occurs without any warning. Therefore, an embedded system was introduced into some medical devices that are utilizing to identify cardiac abnormalities which include the irregularity of heartbeat and is diagnosing before the contingency of the heart attack to avoid the deadly cardiac arrest. A defibrillator is a machine utilizing to monitor a patient's heartbeat for an irregular pattern and generally shocks the heartbeat back to its regular pattern when an abnormal heartbeat is detected.

Blood Pressure and Glucose Test Device: It is installed in the blood pressure machines, which is efficient in identifying the systolic and diastolic pressure of a human body and in the glucose test set that tests the sugar level of a human body.

Fetal Heart Monitoring Machine: An another biomedical application in embedded system is fetal monitoring machine that is used during labor, and delivery to keep track of the heart rate of your baby, that tells if the baby is doing well or not.

Wearable Device: It is the most advanced examples of embedded systems. It can be worn on a hand as a bracelet, and it tracks all our health measures such as weight, sleep, blood pressure, etc. and help us to reach our health and fitness goals.

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