Build Your Real Time Projects on Embedded System to Become Expert in Electronic Field

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Build Your Real Time Projects on Embedded System to Become Expert in Electronic Field

Embedded Electronics: Today, the usage of the embedded system is widespread. In fact, the software which is programmed into the microcontroller is capable of solving a limited range of problems. A real-time project on an embedded system is capable of performing multiple tasks, and interfacing with other devices and networks. Real-time projects on the embedded system are applicable in areas such as communication, transportation, space, home appliances, and robotic system, etc.

Embedded system

An electronic system that integrates the hardware circuitry with software programming techniques for providing project solution is known as an embedded system.

Using this technology, the complexity of the circuitry which can be reduced to a great extent that reduces the size and cost. Basically, an Embedded Systems Projects is an electronic system which can be programmed or non-programmed to operate, organize and to perform single or multitasks based on the application.

Features of Embedded System

  • Autonomous, it should fulfill its mission for long periods and without human intervention
  • Often real-time, it deliver accurate results within set deadlines
  • Specialized in a specific task
  • Its resources are limited. In other words, we will seek to optimize its size, its memories and its consumption to reduce the overall cost.

The Embedded Electronics consists of

  • Sensors for collecting information such as temperature, vibration, accelerometer, GPS
  • Systems for information processing, decision-making and actuators control
  • Actuators which is utilizing for the hardware transcription of decisions made at the software level

Embedded System Project Ideas

As a matter of fact, it is the most innovative field in electronics. it has many applications in industrial and domestic devices. Microcontrollers based projects are very popular among engineering student of electrical and electronics.

  • Biometric sensing system based on photoacoustic
  • Smartphone car tracking using GPS
  • Preventing Zigbee based home area networks
  • Privacy awareness of smart health services
  • Acquisition system for wearable respiratory monitoring
  • Using Sensors Projects node for home automation
  • An embedded platform for gas applications

Demand for Embedded Engineer

Undoubtedly, the term embedded system is the standalone domain that is slated to reap maximum benefits from smart technology. With the rapid penetration of smart tech, an embedded system has become the buzzword. An embedded systems engineer brings together knowledge of electrical engineering and computer engineering in the design of different systems and electronics. These professionals can find work in the Biomedical Technology, robotics, defense, aeronautics, communications, or consumer electronics industries.

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