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Impact of Internship on Improving Engineering Students

One of the most significant issues fresher’s have to deal with when applying for the job is work experience. In today’s competitive world, major companies are seeking for the best candidate along with work experience. Getting a degree is not great enough for a student to secure a good job. Also, they need industrial experience, and here internship plays an essential role for them. Now, what is an internship? An internship is a period for students when they are trained for the specific skill they are good at, and also it gives them a chance to apply their knowledge practically in industries.

Here are some statistics about the internship that will clarify why it is crucial for the students.

  • A research shows that the conversion rate for the interns into full-time employment rate was about 60%
  • A survey conducted in 2015-2016 revealed that nearly 65% of students are unemployed after finishing their degree due to lack of required skills and experience

The above mentioned research and surveys give us an idea about the crucial of internships for the students. Now let’s see the impacts of internships for students and how it can make a big difference in the overall career.

1. Get worthy work-experience

The hands-on work experience internship receive is invaluable and it cannot be taken in a classroom setting, making this one of the basic benefits of internships during engineering projects. In fact, the Internship has the best opportunity to apply acquired learning to real work experiences. Additionally, understanding a specific area's specialized skills, transferable skills such as communication, teamwork, and computer proficiency are also obtained in an internship, thoroughly preparing interns to enter the workforce upon graduation.

2. Explore a career path

Exploring is an essential part of the college experience, an internship is the best way for every student to familiarize themselves with their specialized field. Taking on an internship while studying in college allows the students to work in their desired field, helping them decide if they are right. By graduation, students who interned are more likely to feel confident they chose the right degree.

3. Give yourself an edge in the job market

One of the most critical internship benefits is that students who already have some work experience in an internship stand out to potential employers. In fact, having internship experience makes a college grad more marketable as they usually require less training and can handle some extra responsibilities. You may also get a best salary than those who do not have internship experience.

4. Increase confidence

Internship Training allow you to test out particular techniques learned in the classroom before entering the working world. In fact, it is an excellent opportunity to implement what you have learned in a secure environment where errors are expected – rather than learn the difficult way in your first job out of college.

In the final analysis, the Internship helps gain higher grades in academics because of in-depth knowledge in a specific field. Significant companies are usually come to the college for placements after 6th semester. Therefore, you can prepare yourself and apply for the internships according to your campus's company visit. If you are already an experienced person, you can apply for an internship to completely change your career path. At ElysiumPro, we provide an excellent internship and this hands-on experience you need to succeed in today’s demanding workforce.

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