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In today's digital world, IoT is fostering the upcoming revolution in mobile apps. The evolution and foundation of smart cities is the result of IoT. It has definitely stirred quite an uproar in the digital world with the mass potential it has. Also, it can bring everything and everyone online. As per the latest stats, IoT projects will become a more significant player in the upcoming years. The market share of IoT is going to increase more than double in 2020.

Emerging IoT Trends in 2021

  • Demand of Smart Home will Increase
  • Digital Twins
  • Edge Computing
  • Smart Cities
  • Blockchain
  • Easy and Better Commuting

Demand Of Smart Home Will Increase

An internet of things applications has expanded to smart home technology, and it will continue to rise the adoption of such technology to make homes more attractive and interactive. In fact, the evolving need for consumer convenience, safety and security and also the energy consumption is the major enabler of the smart home market growth. In simple words, the smart home consists of a wide range of features and technologies which are interconnected by the IoT, voice-first technology, AI, AR and VR etc.

Digital Twins

As a matter of fact, IoT is considered as a strategic technology to realize the full potential of digital twins of physical products. In fact, the internet of things provides visibility into the complete product lifecycle unfolds the more in-depth operational intelligence for processors and optimize maintenance. It can reinforce IIoT applications. Therefore, it becomes a fundamental pillar for smart manufacturing in the upcoming future.

Edge Computing

As a matter of fact, an Intensified adoption of IoT solutions owing to the reduction in cost requires and improved data processing capability as IoT devices which have limited data storage. With the help of edge computing, these devices will achieve the best success and it results in cost efficiency when processing the data. In simple words, it allows an information gathered by a device is processed directly on that device without being sent to other places.

Smart cities

Smart cities are one of the major accomplishments of IoT and modernization. In fact, it has been integrated with IoT powered device, smart cities promise an enhanced efficiency for the folks on the streets and also inside their homes. Already we know that, IoT will focus on improving smart parking lots, street lights and traffic control etc. With IoT, we will inside a world where our refrigerators will be aware of what food we have inside. Even, IoT will impact traffic congestion and security; it also helps in the development of sustainable cities which is leading us to a green future.


Many government institutions and entrepreneurs as well as industrialists, will be decentralized, self-governing and be smart. In these days, new companies are seen building their territory on the entanglement of IOTA to improve modules and also the other components for firms without the cost of SaaS and cloud.

Easy and Better Commuting

IoT applications are expected to make commuting easier for students, the elderly, the business person etc. Due to heavy traffic, commuting is a major issue for most of us. With innovations in technology and IoT integration, mobile applications will make travelling a breeze for everyone.

Here are some of the ways that commuting will change:

  • Smart street lights will make walking on the road safe for pedestrians
  • Identifying parking spaces will be more comfortable and seamless with data-driven parking applications
  • In-app navigation and public transportation will make public transit more reliable
  • IoT powered apps will also improve routing between different modes of transfer

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