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March 11, 2019
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Sensor Based Projects for Final Year Students in Embedded System

Sensor Based Projects: In fact, we use conventional wall socket switchboards for both the home appliances and industrial appliances. Such as industrial motors cooler, fan and so on. The automation in the power system will design using several types of sensor circuits.

What is Sensor?

In sensor based projects, a device which it gives the output to detect the changes in the events or else quantities will define as the sensor. Mainly, the sensors produce the optical output signals or electrical signal to the changes in the inputs. They are various types if the sensors whether it is considered as a temperature sensor that will produce the output voltage on input temperature changes.

  • Temperature sensors
  • IR sensor
  • Ultrasonic transducer
  • Touch sensor
  • Proximity sensors
  • Pressure sensor
  • Level sensor

Top Sensor Based Projects Ideas

Final year projects help to enhance the technical skills for professional students. There are various streams in which the students may implement the projects, but most frequently embedded system platform is chosen to designing and implementation of real-time projects. In reality, they are several types of projects in the embedded system. They are power electronics projects, robotics projects, electrical projects, android based projects, communication-based projects, and so on.

Sensor Technology and Latest Trends

The sensor technology based on the component in numerous applications such as tablets and mobiles. Important to realize, the IoT is the great influence on the Sensor Based Technology. For the purpose of, a sensor having the major role in a variety of industries with a small amount of the potential offer. The Big Data Trends plays an essential role for the sensors such as technology, agriculture and also healthcare industry that may continue to expanding and improving.

  • Water Level Sensors
  • Temperature sensors
  • Proximity sensors
  • Micro-sensor Implants

Embedded Sensor System

In this wearable embedded system for the health, applications are foreseen to enablers in future healthcare. Significantly, the following trend changes the health status that will detect, and treatment may start earlier. The future of the healthcare requirement technology development which it’s including the miniaturized sensors, wireless communication and also smart textiles.

On the positive side, the tremendous amount of the data that will generate into these systems for both the decision support and Digital Signal Processing Projects guarantee of the data to avoiding the overflow of information. Both secure and safe information’s can protect the integrity of the persons monitored.

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