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Android Application Projects

open source android projects: The growth of Android platform has been tremendous in both size and technology. In fact, for the past few years it’s conquering standalone as well as server based hybrid mobile phone systems depend on it for implementation. Android open source Project can provide huge learning opportunities and exposure on latest technologies.

ElysiumPro offers a wide variety of android app development project ideas and titles. These ideas has been thoroughly researched and constantly updated on a weekly basis by our in-house industry experts.

Open Source Android Projects

Experimenting on an open source Android projects enables you to evolve as a developer. As you can learn the concepts of version control during the development process. You can also work on existing issues to reach at ideas for the improvement of the process.

Things To Ponder

You need to keep in mind that developing an app that attracts users or solves a real world issue is really impressive.

Build an app to solve a prevalent real-life problem. It is important than building an app to merely impress your recruiters.

The project must possess inherently good UI and code quality. Since the end-users will only focus on the functionality, UI and UX rather than the architecture and coding. This is pretty basic right? Only the experts will be concerned with development platforms. Many users prefer attractiveness over. It’s human nature.

Advantages of Android Projects

Yield – The demand for innovative app developers are ever increasing in the prevailing market scenario. In fact, You can create your own app and submit it to the Google Play Store that can be downloaded by Android users. Google ads can also be displayed in your application which provides handsome monetary gains.

Usability – You can learn and implement in a comparatively easy way as developing an app is cost effective.

Support – The most appealing attraction about Android is that it is being backed by the multinational tech-giant, Google. This will be a highlight in your resume while you are appearing for campus interviews as it indirectly implies that you have associated with Google in some way.

Therefore,  what are you waiting for? Come up with an original idea. Set new android development trends. Dominate the play store. Go viral. Break new grounds. In the final analysis, Develop an impressive android sample projects for beginners final year project.

Happy Developing!

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