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Use Top Programming Languages to Stay With Updated Technologies

Top Programming Languages


It is widely used as programming platform the primary purpose among this top programming languages. It is distributing the environment of the networking. As well as, it is a hugely popular language for the smart world. It is simple to use when it will compare to the C++ enlarging the OOP’s concepts. In fact, both the clients and server networking may run on a computer system or else distributed system.

Java Platforms

Java EE: In this enterprise edition generally produce the ability to create server part of applications that are responding to the response-request cycle. Similarly, it allows the java programs that are interacting with the network-based clients.

Java SE: The stand-alone applications will implement using the standardize the Java edition. Top Programming Languages like J2SE. It provides the need of API’s to develop the desktop applications.

Java ME: Java allows the lightweight process for approving the mobile development. Its struggle to gain the traction in smartphone development.


It is the powerful language for IOS App Development, Linux, both the TV OS and also the watch OS. On the other hand, Swift supports the extensibility of protocol that applying in the types of classes, structs. The apple product is promoting the actual change of programming regarding the object-oriented program.

Latest Features in Swift 4

  • It is more comfortable, faster using the strings of retaining the Unicode. Supporting for the designing of utilizing the manage substrings.
  • In reality, the critical paths are extensible, efficient and the unique values of coding the swift types.
  • Enlarging the produce of manipulating the dictionary and also the set types.
  • Expand the supports of serialization and archival of the struct types that enable the external formats like plist and JSON. Apply the exclusive process to access the memory.

Ruby Programming Language

It is dynamically open source platform with the focusing in both productivity and also the simplicity process. The syntax of ruby is more similar to the python and Perl. The blocks define the braces and keywords. The capacity to mark the string literals with as the frozen of defaulting the large performance that will increase the string operations. In view of a Bug fix or else securing maintains of API incompatible.


It works as the various platforms like Linux, Mac, raspberry pi, windows and so on. Important to realize the syntax which its access to the developers to write the programs in different programming languages.

  1. Software development
  2. System scripting
  3. Mathematics
  4. Web development

The main purpose of design a python is for readability. Such as both the class and function, scope of the loop, or else other programming concepts.


It is used in the addition of interactivity to the websites. Like dynamic styling, games. The developers will design in the large variety of tools. The First thing to remember the libraries and the frameworks will apply in an HTML concept. JavaScript is the client based techniques in Top Programming Languages.

Features of JavaScript

  1. Control statement
  2. Looping statement
  3. Object scripting technology
  4. Event handling
  5. Scripting language
  6. Case Sensitive
  7. Inbuilt function
  8. Client-side technique


It is fully supported as the OOP’s concepts. Such as polymorphism, inheritance, data hiding, encapsulation. It is the core language of all the building block may consist of the different data types and also literals. The need of learning this platform is to become the best programmer, and it helps to effective at the designing. Particularly standard template library, i.e., STL is given a set of manipulating the data structures.

Perl Programming Language

It is hugely similar to the syntax of the basic C concepts in Top Programming Languages. UNIX provision the execution that is either included in the cross-platform byte coding or else C code. Both the Perl 5 and Perl 6 are family of dynamic programming platforms. This concept is simple to use, and it supports the built-in of supporting process.


The framework is hugely important as both the updates and news. Framework Class Library supports the user interface, networking communications. In general produce of this software which combines the.Net framework and source code into the library functions. It is available in the various operating system that is procedure into the IOS and Android.


It is the server-side scripting language. They are so many features are having like Tumblr, Yahoo, Facebook, and word press. With this in mind, the number of knowledgeable programmers is contributing to the improvement of PhP programming. Enlarging the latest PhP version are 1.0 to 5.6.

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