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Python Features: According to recent statistics, Python is the most popular programming language among most developers. In general, this programming language is an interpreted, high-level and object-oriented language along with dynamic semantics. At the same time, it handles modules and packages that encourage program modularity and code reuse.

List of Top 7 Features of Python Programming Languages

  • Well Defined Syntax
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Standard Library
  • Cross Platform
  • DynamicType language
  • Graphical User Interface Support
  • Extensible

Well Defined Syntax: The python syntax is very simple and is an expressive language in Python Features. This language's syntax is so simple to learn and understand. For example, the syntax of the Hello world in this language is print('Hello World!')

Object Oriented Programming: In that case, this language handles object-oriented. As well as, using object-oriented concepts in Python is simple. The most important thing about python is that it supports both object-oriented and procedure-oriented programming. This program is mainly used for procedure-oriented languages that are built around functions or procedures that can be reused. In that case, the program is built around objects that combine functionality and data.

Standard Library: In that case, this language's has a massive standard library. It includes full of rich modules and also functions. In fact, python's standard library is useful in developing rapid Web Application Projects.

Cross-Platform: As a matter of fact, it is otherwise known as a cross-platform programming language. This code will run on any operating system such as Windows, UNIX, Linux, Mac, etc without providing a specification for certain platforms.

Dynamic Type Language: In fact, it is one of the amazing features for programmers or developers. Python language does not require specifying the data type of the variable in advance, instead, and the type of variable is decided at run time.

Graphical User Interface Support: It helps to developing graphical user interfaces. However, it has various modules such as wxPython, PyQt5 and PyQt4. These modules can be useful for Graphical User Interface programming. In fact, PyQt5 is the most familiar GUI module when it comes to GUI programming in Python.

Extensible: If you may write a piece of code to run very fast, you can code that part of your program in C or C++ and then use them from your Python program. In other words, this language is an extensible language as its code can be written in other programming languages such as C++.

Final Thoughts

In the final analysis, the above mentioned features of python make it very popular among programmers, developers and even final year students. Most students have very interest to do final year projects based on python language. Since, it helps to improve their career. Enroll now for developing python engineering projects at ElysiumPro and upgrade your semester grade.

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