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Cloud Computing Trends: Nowadays, cloud computing technology is on the rise. Major organizations are adopting cloud computing projectsdue to their flexibility and efficiency. As the cloud industry is experiencing massive growth, the market is yet to grow. In this blog, know the top 7 cloud computing trends to consider in 2020.

Top 7 Cloud Computing Trends in 2020

Here, there are top 7 cloud computing trends in 2020 such as

  • Kubernetes
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Evolution of Edge Computing
  • Internet of Things
  • Modular Software
  • Automation


Kubernetes is Google creation, one of the cloud technologies which are useful to maintain the container-based system. It is an open-source and Linux-based, which clusters groups of containers, and it offers management for the cluster. However, these clusters include public, private, and also hybrid clouds. With the rise of container-based architecture, tools such as Kubernetes become more prominent in the upcoming years.

Artificial Intelligence

As a matter of fact, the major companies in today's world are leading the charge in the use of Artificial Intelligence technology. In fact, it is the concept of computers algorithmically solving problems using data, is centrally reliant on cloud computing. Further, the datasets are massive for simple computing solutions. The models scale too large; cloud computing systems are important to this technology.

Hybrid Cloud

In that case, it offers additional flexibility to major companies that help to manage the cloud-based system. The "hybrid" system from the use of both private and public cloud within one architecture. In fact, major companies can handle the private cloud for important applications and data. As well as, they use the public cloud for other computing tasks. The benefits of this system enable custom scalability when demand requires it. Also, a benefit as companies does not need to house all their sensitive data in a public server.

Evolution of Edge Computing

As a matter of fact, edge computing would prove important in an upcoming year by helping cloud to evolve and in its adaption in more enterprises. Especially, edge computing is useful to conduct the functioning from centralized data centers to points in the network that are nearer to the users and devices.

Internet of Things

IoT Projects is one of the leading trends when it comes to innovation in real-time cloud computing. Further, there is the various machine to machine data, communication, and also process occurring. In that case, you can easily do it with the help of cloud computing technology. On the other hand, IoT generates a huge amount of data. Several cloud providers enable data transfer through the Internet. This means it facilitates the way to navigate the data.

Modular Software

Many organizations are using software that is yet to modify. In fact, it leads to cloud computing, which requires modified software that helps to deliver more security. This software can be user-friendly and also flexible to use. Cost-saving and time-saving is one of the significant benefits of this software. Further, the companies delivering services and software also increasing.


To determine, automation helps to decrease the human effort required to manage the cloud. In fact, there are many tools available in automation. However, these tools can help companies to be more productive with strength and can deduct errors. Finally, it ensures complete cybersecurity. At the same time, developers can use automation to ease off effort required in tedious activities.

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