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October 12, 2019
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Miracle Impacts of 5G in Internet of Things
October 17, 2019

Internet of Things Applications: To begin with, businesses are the first to adopt new technologies. In addition, to provide a competitive advantage, innovations can have the best impact on the bottom line. The proper use of IoT technologies can reduce the entire operating costs. Therefore, it helps to increase your business efficiency and create additional revenue streams via new products and markets.

Top 5 Internet of Things Applications


Wearables have been experienced an explosive demand in markets across all over the world. Companies such as Google and Samsung have invested in developing such devices. Wearable devices are installed with software and sensors that gather data about the users. This data is later pre-processed to extract important insights about users. However, these devices are covering health, fitness and entertainment requirements. The pre-requisite from IoT technology for wearable applications is to be energy-efficient or small-sized and ultra-low power.

Connected Cars

As a matter of fact, automotive digital technology has been focused on optimizing vehicles in internal functions. Now, this attention is growing forwards enhancing the in-car experience. In Internet of Things Applications , a connected car is a vehicle that able to optimize its operation, maintenance. As well as, the comfort of passengers is using onboard sensors and internet connectivity. Major brands such as Tesla, BMW, Google, and Apple are working on bringing the next revolution in automobiles.

Smart Cities

The smart city is another effective IoT Predictions application that generates curiosity in the world’s population. In fact, smart surveillance, smarter energy management systems, automated transportation, water distribution, and also environmental monitoring. All these are examples of the internet of things applications for smart cities. This technology can solve the problems faced by the people living in cities such as pollution, traffic congestion and shortage of energy supplies, etc. By installing sensors, citizens can determine free available parking slots across the city.


With the continuous increase in the world’s population, the demand for food supply is also extremely raised. In fact, Governments are helping farmers to use advanced techniques and research to increase food production. As a matter of fact, smart farming is the fastest-growing field in IoT. And, the farmers that are using meaningful insights from the data to yield a better return on investment. The simple uses of IoT such as Sensing for soil moisture and nutrients, managing water usage for plant growth and identifying custom fertilizer.

Smart Retail

As a matter of fact, the potential of IoT projects in the retail sector is enormous. The Internet of Things provides an opportunity for retailers to connect with the customers to enhance the in-store experience. In order to, Smartphones will be the way for retailers to remain connected with their consumers even out of the store. Interacting through Smartphones and also using Beacon technology can help retailers serve their consumers better. They can track consumer’s paths through a store, improve store layout and place premium products in high traffic areas.

What are the most interesting uses of IoT?

The top uses of IoT such as

  • Smart Home
  • Wearables
  • Smart City
  • Connected Car
  • Smart Health
  • Smart Retail
What is the benefit of IoT?
IoT allows to automate and control the tasks which are done on a daily basis. In fact, machine to machine communication helps to maintain the transparency in the processes. Also, it leads to uniformity in the tasks and it maintain the quality of service.
How many IoT devices will be there in 2020?
The number of Internet of Things devices which are active can be expected to grow to 10 billion by 2020 and 20 billion by 2025. IoT devices include connected cars, machines, meters and also other consumer electronics.

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