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Networking Trends in 2021 – Top 7 Innovations

The coming year will be an essential one for advances in networking technology. Staying ahead of the network technology curve may be difficult, but it is essential to meet the marketplace requirements, serving customers and maintaining productivity in an increasingly competitive environment. In this blog, the list of networking trends in 2021 that will impact beneficially such as

Top 7 Networking Trends in 2021

Internet of Behaviors

As a matter of fact, the technologies that use big data, location tracking and facial recognition and also connect the resulting data to associated behavioral events such as device usage etc. Many organizations use this data to influence human behavior. That's why it is known as the Internet of Behavior. IoB is an extension of IoT. Consider the Internet of behavior a combination of fields such as

  • technology
  • data analysis
  • behavioral science

In fact, the behavioral science can be divided into four major areas we consider such as

  • emotions
  • decisions
  • augmentations
  • companionship

For example, consider the health app on your smartphone, which tracks your diet, sleep patterns, blood level, sugar level, and heart rate etc. This app can help to alert you to adverse situations and suggest some behavior modifications towards a more positive and desired outcome. Now companies mostly use IoT technology trends and IoB, which is useful to observe and attempt to change our behavior to accomplish their desired goal.

Cybersecurity Mesh

Anyone can approach any digital asset securely, no matter where the asset or person is located. It decouples policy enforcement from policy decision making through the cloud delivery model. It helps to allow identity to become the security perimeter. By the end of 2025, this trend will support over half of the digital access control. It becomes the most practical approach to make sure the secure access to, and use of, cloud-located applications and also the distributed data from uncontrolled devices.

Intelligent Composable Business

An intelligent composable business helps to drive better outcomes that are timely and relevant. To do this, organizations should rethink how they make decisions. An intelligent composable business radically reengineers decision making by accessing better information and also responding. For one example, the machines will improve decision making in future. Also, it helps to allow by a rich fabric of data and insights. This trend will pave the way for redesigned the digital business moments, and new business models etc.

AI Engineering

Artificial intelligence will grow across the several disciplines as the need for more automation grows. According to research conducted by Gartner, it shows only 53% of projects make it from AI prototypes to production. The way to AI production means turning to AI engineering. It is a discipline focused on the governance and lifecycle management of a range of operationalized artificial intelligence and decision models such as machine learning.

Future Of Gigabit Wireless

It is the super-fast internet in the coming future with speeds at upto one-gigabit speed per second. With this speed of internet, some technology changes need to be made by internet service providers, cable operators, software and hardware which is related to providing internet speed. In fact, 5G and other high-speed networks need to upgrade the networks and deliver 1gbps broadband connections.


Hyperautomation is the concept which combine the machine learning, package software and an automation tools. It is irreversible and inevitable. Anything that can and should be automated will be automated. This trend was a strategic in past year and also it has been evolving.

Next Year will be Big for 5G

Already, we heard that last year. Also, we heard that this year. And we'll hear it again throughout 2021 as one of the top networking trends. In fact, the biggest 5G driver for networking projects will probably be branch office automation, through SD-WAN. But the 5G coverage will remain the biggest obstacle for most businesses. The coming year 2021 is a more realistic target, but watch SD-WAN deployments as a clue to how this is unfolding.

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