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November 19, 2019
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Networking Trends 2020: To begin with, the networking field is transforming at a fast pace which is owing to multi-dimensional technological advancements. In fact, the latest technological trends are changing the way how an employee has been stay connected and how organizations are operate. Moreover, the technology has always been an efficiency facilitator and it has enhanced networking solutions in recent years.

List of 5 Networking Trends in 2020

Here, the list of 5 Networking Trends in 2020 such as

  • 5G
  • Machine Learning
  • Mobile Commerce
  • SD WAN
  • Digitized Spaces

#1 Trend: 5G

In Networking Trends 2020, Fifth generation, a high speed networking technology is a boon for remote workforces those who are seeking for fast internet speeds. In fact, 5G will enhance the efficiency of network security solutions. The increased bandwidth in 5G can deliver fast internet speeds with a simple process. Further, this network can facilitate the use of driverless cars, drones and allow them to communicate with any other smart vehicles, an essential component for smart cities.

#2 Trend: Machine Learning

To begin with, machine learning is improving networking management endeavours at small and large scale organizations. In modern days, network management requires better insights on how things work inside a network. Moreover, Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning can allow the network managers to create next generation networking solution to achieve high security. The use of machine learning and network management includes reporting activity patterns and increase smart alerts to make Managers proactive. In upcoming future, the new cases and applications can be identified and also implemented to achieve higher efficiency in networking solutions.

#3 Trend: Mobile Commerce

People used to shopping on their mobile phones through mobile friendly applications and websites. But the ability to pay for products in bricks and mortar stores with Apple Pay and Google Wallet is set to transform our world. At the same time, the usage of WeChat and AliPay to pay for everything has been made life very simple. Also the QR code is back in vogue used by panhandlers.

#4 Trend: SD-Wan

This is the latest trend in networking which helps to promises the development of enterprise networks. In fact, this kind of network is more robust and allows organizations to route a large amount of network traffic based on centralized roles and rules. Also, it promotes high data security. In this trend, the network traffic is growing with each passing day and more enterprises are planning to transition to this networking projects.

#5 Trend: Digitized Spaces

This trend is the innovative real-life use case of next-generation networking solution. Modern networking technology is combined with high-res geolocation tech are enabling the business to understand how people and goods move through the physical spaces. And, this trend is combined with technologies such as the Internet of Things, sensors and mobile networks, digitized spaces are making companies data smart and derive deep customer and also business insights.

Final Thoughts

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