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List of Artificial Intelligence Methods for Image Processing Projects

Artificial Intelligence Methods: An approach of artificial intelligence is applied to image processing will help to implement face recognition functionalities, identify and recognize objects and actions in images, video, run visual search and so on. Generally, image processing is manipulating an image to enrich it or extract information from it. There are two methods of image processing such as analog Image Processing Projects and digital image processing.

Nowadays, image processing is widely used in medical visualization, biometrics, self driving vehicles and law enforcement. The purpose of the image processing such as

  • Image sharpening and restoration enhances the quality of processed images
  • Image retrieval helps with image search
  • Object measurement allows to measure objects in an image
  • Visualization represents processed data in an understandable way which gives visual form to objects which are not visible
  • Pattern Recognition helps to distinguish and classify objects in an image, determine their positions

List of Open-Source Libraries for AI-based Image Processing

Computer vision libraries contain common image processing functions and algorithms. Recently, there are various open-source libraries which you will use when developing image processing and computer vision features such as


The open source computer vision is the most popular computer vision library which provides hundreds of computer and machine learning algorithms. As well as, thousands of functions composing and supporting those algorithms. In fact, this library comes with C++, Java and Python interfaces and it supports all popular desktop and mobile operating systems. It includes several modules such as an image processing module, object detection, and machine learning. Through this library, you will perform multiple image processing tasks such as image acquisition, compression, enhancement, restoration and data extraction.


Vision-something-Library is an open-source set of C++ libraries for computer vision. The X is there because for each specific library in the set, the middle letter changes, for instance:

  • VGL – Vision Geometry Library
  • VSL – Vision Streaming Library
  • VIL – Vision Image processing Library
  • As a matter of fact, VXL implements a number of popular computer vision technology algorithms and functionalities.


An open-source artificial intelligence and computer vision library developed for the .NET Framework Trends. As a matter of fact, it is written in C# and consists of multiple libraries which can be used in several fields, from image processing and computer vision to neural networks and fuzzy computations. In addition, it provides help files and a set of sample applications demonstrating how to use this framework.


LTI-Lib is an object-oriented C++ library. It supports Linux and Windows. This library makes it easier to share and maintain code while still providing fast algorithms for real-world applications. LTI-Lib provides a wide range of features that can be used for solving mathematical problems, a set of classification tools, and multiple image processing and computer vision algorithms.

Machine Learning Frameworks And Platforms For Image Processing

If you want to move further than just using simple AI algorithms, you will build custom deep learning models for image processing. To make the development process a bit faster and easier, you can use special platforms and frameworks such as

  • Tensor Flow
  • MATLAB Image Processing Toolbox
  • Caffe
  • Google Cloud Vision
  • Computer Vision by Microsoft
  • Google Colaboratory (Colab)

Final Words

In the final analysis, with the help of deep learning algorithms and neural networks, machines can be taught to see and interpret images in the way required for a specific task. Progress in the implementation of Artificial Intelligence Methods is impressive and opens a range of opportunities in fields from medicine and agriculture to retail and law enforcement.

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