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Latest Trends in Android Technology: Nowadays, the Android app industry has reshaped the business. Apart from the business domain, every organization needs to integrate the latest mobile app development trends to provide maximize growth and multiply the means to reach the target audience. As a matter of fact, with the evolution of smartphones, it is simple to reach a million users within no time. At the same time, the expected revenue which mobile apps are going to generate is massive. Android app industry is the domain that keeps on refining almost every day. Therefore, to keep up with the ever-increasing customer demands, you need to bring the required changes in the process.

Latest Trends in Android Technology 2020


EMM (Enterprise Mobile Management) and APM (Application Performance Management) are the major two elements that are part of app development. To begin with, APM is the mobile metrics that help to boost the entire performance. Due to its significance, it becomes a preferred tool of quality assurance testers for the app testing process. On the other hand, EMM is a platform that allows organizations to securely enable mobile devices that are being used by the employees. Further, it streamlines the business process by helping in mobile computing.

It includes components such as

  • App security
  • managing finances
  • maintaining the application

Impact of 5G Wireless Services

5G technology is not only going to be one of the top trends in android projects. But it will be the best significance in 2020. In 2020, it is a perfect time for 5G to get in the groove. And, we can expect to see a shift from currently used 4G services to the 5G wireless network by the end of the year. Since the 5G impacts applications are not limited to speed only; also it caters other functions such as

  • data security
  • 3D gaming
  • augmented reality etc,

With so much loaded into 5G services, the app developers are required to integrate the apps accordingly, so that the user can get better and faster top-end speeds for enhanced performance.

Wearable Devices

In fact, wearable devices are not new to today's market. We have seen smartwatches, fitness bands, trackers and also smart rings already. However, these devices have been changed the way we interact with smart devices. The massive potential in the wearable device market, android apps should support wearable technology. Each wearable device requires a set platform to run. Hence, developers can integrate their applications with wearable devices.

The possible wearable trends in 2020

  • a rise in the use of fitness trackers
  • less dependence on smartphone

AI Makes the Apps Better

AI has been in the center of attention for the last few years with a significant breakthrough in the emerging technology in android app engineering projects development. However, its integration with apps not only makes the app better and also saves time and cost. With the help of AI, any app development company can grow exponentially in terms of productivity by investing less in resources.

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