Sensor Technology – Revolutionize Our World through Real Applications

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Sensor Technology – Revolutionize Our World through Real Applications

In today's society, Sensor Technology is very hard to imagine life without relying on devices and machines for performing both simple and complex tasks. Nowadays, the most important device is the sensor technology that is used in objects. Such as a parking Sensor Technology, temperature sensor, etc. Its usage in daily is rapidly growing with the growth of advancement in this technology.

Sensor Technology

As a matter of fact, the Sensor Technology is a device that is used to find the changes in electrical or physical. It produces an output as an acknowledgment of change in quantity. This output can be in the form of an electrical signal. This technology is used in the various electronic device. Using a variety of sensors, IoT delivers various kinds of data. Basically, it is an input device that receives and responds to a signal.

Latest Technology in Sensor

Although, this technology started as a component in mobiles and tablets and also it can be in industries, medical electronics and also safety in vehicles. Particularly, a great influence on this technology is Internet on Things.

IoT Sensor

Depending on this technology, there are a variety of sensors in IoT Projects such as temperature, pressure, gas, medical etc. In due time, IoT is one of the most important today. Especially, this technology is used in IoT to monitor the production process. These sensors enable IoT by collecting the data.

As well as, it combines connectivity with sensors, devices, and people enabling a form of a free-flowing conversation between man and machine, software and hardware. With the growing of IoT, this technology plays a vital role in enabling Wireless Network Communication between devices over the internet. It has the capability to communicate with other sensors and remote computers as well.

Image Sensor

An image sensor is a device that is used in digital cameras and imaging devices. On the positive side, it is used to converts an optical image into an electronic signal. Image sensors can be classified into two types

  • Charged coupled device
  • Complementary metal oxide semiconductor

An image sensor is widely used in media, aerospace, defense, toys, and games, etc.

RFID Sensor

RFID is a radio frequency identification is a wireless device that incorporates the use of electromagnetic coupling in the radio frequency portion. The electromagnetic spectrum to identify an object, animal or person uniquely. Moreover, it is used to locate and track the tags attached to objects. It is a technology similar in theory to barcodes. RFID system involves types of tags.

  • Passive reader active tag or PRAT
  • Active reader passive tag or ARPT
  • Battery assisted passive tag or BAP

Printed Sensor

Although, this type of technology printed on flexible substrates represents a growing market. These sensor benefit from the latest materials and tech in the printed electronics industry. The following categories in the printed sensor are a biosensor, gas sensor, an optical sensor, humidity sensor. A printed and flexible sensor is now moving into mass production.

Finally, approximately 300 billion sensors are used to making lifestyle enhancements. The role of sensor technology in the world is limitless. It is to be implemented around the world is unimaginable.

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