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August 29, 2019
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Benefits of Electronics: Power electronics application is the functioning of solid-state electronics that are used for control and conversion of electric power. A solid-state electronic device such as Thyristor, TRIAC, Silicon controlled rectifier, diode, and Power MOSFET, etc. It comes under the power electronics category. In fact, it deals with the design, control, computation, integration of nonlinear and time-varying energy processing electronic systems with speed dynamics. With the benefit of electronics, many engineering students prefer to submit their final year project in this domain. Really, it helps to create an innovative design of a high power system. Thus, it makes their knowledge more interesting.

List of Latest Power Electronics Projects Ideas

In this blog, here listing out some of the Power Electronics Project Ideas for final year engineering students. It gives them better ideas about choosing the projects for their final year.

  • DC-DC converter at DC link
  • Single-phase PUC5 inverter with Filter
  • Bi-directional H6 Inverter/Rectifier
  • Single stage PFC AC/DC power supply
  • Power flow control between microgrids
  • Hybrid control scheme

These are some innovating power electronics project ideas for the final year engineering students.

Benefits of Electronics

Power Electronics has the following some benefits such as

  • High reliability of power electronic converter system
  • Flexibility in operation
  • Small size, less weight, low installation cost
  • Speedy dynamic response compared to electromechanical converter system
  • Efficiency due to low loss in semiconductor devices

Uses of Power Electronics in Various Fields

Industrial: Arc and industrial furnaces, pumps, compressors, transformer tap changers, rolling mills, cement mills, etc

Residential: Air conditioning, lighting, cooking, vacuum cleaners, fans, dryers, food mixers.

Transportation: Traction control of the electric vehicle, streetcars, trolleybuses, subways battery chargers, and automotive electronics. Apart from this, the significant area of power electronics applications is the control of electric motors. It plays a crucial role in controlling these motors.

To continue its growth trajectory, a career in power electronics could prove to be a good take-off for you. Power is one of those sectors which are showing a promise of growth and expansion amidst the economic slowdown clatter. It may even benefit from the current recession. Its rise can be attributed to the immediate need for infrastructure. Boost up your brain and dig down the power field. It will provide you not only a secure job but the opportunity to be an active part of a nation-building story.

What do you mean by power electronics?
Power Electronics is the study of switching electronic circuits to control the flow of electrical energy. Power Electronics is the technology behind switching power supplies, power converters, power inverters, motor drives, and motor soft starters.
What is the role of power electronics?
The role of power electronics makes it possible to transport electricity over huge distances with minimal losses. This is accomplished by power-electronics converters that transform alternating current into high-voltage direct current and vice-versa.
What is the main purpose of power electronics?
The power electronics application tends to high voltage and lessening current to reduce conduction loss. The primary component for high voltage power electronics is a power semiconductor device for the switching operation.
What are the applications of power electronics?
Power electronics applications are extended to several fields such as Aerospace, Automotive, electrical and electronic systems, commercial, industrial, residential, telecommunication, transportation and utility systems, etc.

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