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Image Processing in Agriculture: Image processing is an effective tool for analysis of the imagery used in precise agriculture. From the farmer's perspective, automating analysis of yield-limiting factors and building rational management plans saves both cost and time. In fact, automating this analysis is beneficial for farmers to which expert knowledge and advice are not readily affordable or available. Technological advances in the development of precision agriculture machinery and the software will prove to be cheaper and faster than human intervention and data collection.

Advancements in image processing routines and communication systems can change the picture for farmers. The huge amount of Image Processing Projects in agriculture is growing with the availability of high-quality measurements with modern algorithms. As well as, an increased possibility to fuse different sources of information from satellite imagery and sensors positioned in fields.

Applications of Image Processing in Agriculture

As a matter of fact, the major concerns in agriculture are water stress, field quality and use of pesticides. An application in precision agriculture can mapping irrigates lands at lower costs. Water affects the thermal properties of plants. Hence, processing infrared imaging provides additional means to analyze and monitor irrigation. The analysis from infrared can be used in pre-harvesting operations, to decide whether or not or even where to harvest.

To determine, the foreign plants i.e. weeds growing in farms can be detected by combining image processing and machine learning techniques. As well as, Edge-based machine learning classifiers can determine weeds in color images. Also, classification depends on plant color features can be added and information regarding the texture of plants integrated to enhance classification accuracy. The success of these algorithms has motivated further development in herbicide applications. In order to, Fuzzy algorithm based on green color analysis of plants can provide weed coverage estimation and it allows for the integration of this knowledge into farm management plans.

In fact, the quality of yield is another concern of farmers. Automated quality analysis of food products is a great money and labor-saving process, especially in light of heavy regulations on fruit quality and safety standards. Image processing is an accurate and reliable method for sorting and grading fresh products such as fruits, grains, bakery products, etc. characterized by color, size, and shape. Combining these features, RSIP vision can enrich algorithms for sorting and grading which is currently embedded in industrial production machinery.

Final Thoughts

From the applications in agriculture listed above, you can easily imagine the future of the role of image processing projects in agricultural sectors. As fields and farms grow larger, better monitoring systems are needed for automated management and reduced expenses. Additionally, the availability of both hardware and software makes the integration of image processing techniques in field management plans and food quality examination processes. In the era of information, the fusion of images and sensor data will prove to be straightforward and beneficial for farmers and consumers, Big Data Analytics Projects

What are the application of image processing?
Applications of image processing such as remote sensing, feature extraction, computer vision, face detection, forecasting, finger-print detection, microscope imaging, optical character recognition and so on.
Why image processing is important?
Image processing is very important due to its two principal applications. First, being the improvement of pictorial information for human interpretation and second, being the processing of scene data for machine perception.
What are the advantages of image processing?
Increased accuracy, high speed, and advanced color shade processing technology are some of the main advantages of image processing. As well as, this technology improves edge recognition when combined with sub-pixel processing and reliable measurement is achieved.
Why Matlab is used for image processing?
Matlab is a high performance and scientific programming language used for technical computing. In fact, it integrates computation, visualization, and easy to use programming environment where problems and solutions are expressed in mathematical notation. For this reason, Matlab is used by image processing technology.
What is meant by analog image processing?
Analog image processing is applied on analog signals and it processes two-dimensional signals only. The images are manipulated by electric signals. In that case, analog signals can be periodic or non-periodic.

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