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April 27, 2019
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Future Scope of Wireless Network Project in Sensor Application

WSN Networks: Without any doubt, the wireless network is an extraordinary technology that has entirely changes the means of communication. In fact, it becomes the major option of any business because of its salient features such as Networking Projects, speed, mobility, and Wi-Fi. Wireless Network Projects give a massive profit to several enterprises such as energy, process improvements, and energy. A sensor is a device which responds and detects some input from both the physical and environmental conditions such as heat, pressure, light, etc. The output of the sensor is an electrical signal which may transmit to a controller for further processing.

Sensor Application

As a matter of fact, it can define as a network of devices which can communicate the information gathered from a monitoring field via wireless links. The data is forward through multiple nodes, with a gateway, the data can connect to other networks like Ethernet. It refers to a group of dedicated sensors for monitoring and recording the physical conditions of the environment and organizing the collected data at a central location. The main components of a sensor node are transceiver, microcontroller, external memory, power source, and more sensors. Challenges of WSN including High bandwidth demand, energy consumption, Apriori Algorithm in Data Mining, data processing, compressing technique and cross-layer design.

WSN Networks - Characteristics

The characteristics of Wireless Sensor Network include the following such as

  • Simple to use
  • Cross-layer design
  • Ability to handle node failures
  • Scalability to the large scale of distribution
  • Ensure strict environmental conditions

Wireless Network In Sensor Applications

Generally, it comprises of several types of sensors such as seismic, magnetic, visual, thermal, radar and acoustic that is clever to monitor a range of ambient situations. Sensor nodes is utilizing for constant sensing, event detection, and local control of actuators. Applications of WSN includes

Navigation System: It is popular among user because navigation and location facility that allows taking radio signals, You can check the position of satellite via GPS which can measure movement in the bridge.

Quality Control System: You can track the progress of the product and make your business more profitable. Shipping agent, producer, supplier all used wireless technology to monitor goods temperature.

Business: Nowadays every type of business desire to get more profit from their business and wireless network helpful to do this. Because now there is no matter business is small or big because everyone wants to know about business what’s technologies used business company to serve their customer and because of this, the priority of each business is a wireless network.

Networking: In networking, we connect and attach more than two computers using communications. The primary purpose such as sharing of files, exchanging of data and share printers, etc. The different type of such as WAN, MAN, PAN and LAN, and Cellular network, etc.

Management: Wireless network also uses to provide water level of rivers to escape the people from the flood. If any bridge overload then via it monitoring structure immediately inform you.


In the final analysis, Wireless Network Projects is envisioned to useful for advancing in various applications domains and innovative services. The future of wireless Sensor network looking more and more glow and today's the wireless network technologies are used in all industries.

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