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Project Viva Voce

Project Viva Voce: It is the final hurdle in successfully completing your final year projects. It is also often the most feared part of final year project presentation. Fuelled by stories of evil external examiners and 8 hour long sessions.

Viva-voce session is where you will give a verbal defence of your completed project. The questions can be tricky. Yet you have to convince the validator that you have the complete knowledge of your project and its impact.

Tips to face the project viva voce confidently

You are all pumped up about your final year project presentation as you have worked vigorously on both the project and presentation for so long. You have read all the IEEE papers related to your project and done intensive research on the subject. As I have mentioned in my previous blog, an effective presentation ensures high score for your final year projects, but that’s only job half-done.

Believe in Yourself

You have spent the past four years studying, researching and gaining knowledge on your area of interest. You are the expert. You know your stuff. You got this.

Go in with a Good Attitude

Don’t see the examiners as evil torturers who get kicks out of making you suffer. They want you to pass. Instead try to think of your examiners as someone who is really interested in your project.

Calm Down and Breathe

Working yourself up is only going to make things worse. Have a good night’s sleep before the presentation. Find a way to relax, be it yoga, running, or meditation. It’s okay if you don’t get every answer right.

Look Presentable

Firstly, looking good will help your self-esteem, making you feel more confident. Secondly, it shows the examiner that you are serious about your viva. Of course you are, and you want them to know that too.

Read Your Project

You have spent the last several months developing your project. Of course, you want to make sure it is fresh in your mind. Just make sure you go over it a few times before the presentation.

Make a list of Your Own Questions

As you go through your research paper and final year projects, try to come up with your own questions and suitable explanations. Ask your friends to review your methodology to try to get a different perspective.

Know the Rules

Make sure you have all the prerequisite documents. Stuff like pen drive with you before entering the presentation hall. Know the rules to be followed while presenting and answering questions.

Enjoy the Process

I know it may seem absurd. But this is the moment all the blood sweat and tears has been leading up to. Enjoy your moment in the spotlight. You get to discuss your thoughts and perspectives with people who are interested and you can gain new perspectives and Ideas!

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