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What is Android Projects?

Android is an operating system is being in tablets, laptops and smartphones in Open Handset Alliance. With supermodels to choose from, Android is the leading mobile platform with most of the worldwide smartphone market. Combining desktop and mobile platforms, most of the devices are having set-up with the Android operating system, which is currently in operation or other than any other OS. Android is defined as a Linux OS and apps and is programmed in Java. Users download applications are from Google’s Play Store, the Amazon Appstore and other online sources like google play and amazon AppStore.The first Android smartphone came out in 2008, and it was quickly developed as a major competitor to the iPhone due to its availability from numerous handset manufacturers and multiple carriers. In addition that Androids could multitask, but at the same time, the iPhones are could not at that time. In 2011, Androids were outsold in every smartphone. Androids are the first smartphones with large screens. Like Windows computers, Android hardware is made in many different ways.

 The android vendors can also add their own set of apps and different interface features to their phones. Android has various methods such as selecting a mobile device, opening handset alliance, AOSP, Android fragmentation, mobile device vendor control and mobile control. In 2005, Google acquired Android, Inc. and two years later the are became unveiled smartphone specifications for third-party manufacturers. In the year 2010, Google began to offer “pure Android” versions, devoid of vendor add-ons.

Applications of Android Projects in India

Android initially came into existence with the correct rule which these android developments are given the freedom and power to create enthralling Mobile applications as while taking advantage of everything is to have the mobile handset.

The android is built on open Linux Kernel. This particular software is helpful in the mobile application which is made to be open source and thereby is giving the opportunity to the developers to incorporate and introduce any technological advancement, and it is built on custom virtual machine android gives its users the additional usage and application power, to initiate an interactive, operational software and efficient application.

In google, the mobile operating device has the android with its creation on the definitive creation of Software Applications for the mobile. The structure of android also facilitates the g-juice in the mobile and thus initiating a whole world of new Technology experience.

Tools Applied In Android Projects

              Java Programming Language is a basic building block and backbone for the Android Application Development, which allows developers to program in a comprehensive application on Java that runs on android.

Android has a vast range of easy to use tools and also has a wide range of libraries with which provides Mobile Application Developers with the means of amazing mobile operating software to come up with the most efficient and rich Mobile Applications. Our development team has complete technologies and resources in order to make use of in developing the most acclaimed applications.

The various application of android is Communication Application, Business Application, Multimedia Application, Internet Application, Fun/Entertainment Application, Gaming Application, Utility and Security Application.

Importance of Application Programming Interface(API) in Android  Projects

  • Improved collaboration
  • Easier innovation
  • Data monetization
  • Added security

Also, API offers security by design because of their position as it facilitates the abstraction of functionality between two systems—the API endpoint decouples the consuming application from the infrastructure which are providing the service. API calls are usually included authorization of credentials in order to reduce the risk of attacks on the server, and the  API gateway can limit access to minimize security threats. Also, during the exchange, cookies, HTTP headers, or query string parameters provide additional security layers to the data.

Applications of Application Programming Interface(API)in android projects

The API Level identifiers serve a key role in ensuring the best possible experience for users and application developers. Each Android version has stored its API Level identifier internally by the Android system itself.

  • The API in the platform of the Android project describes the maximum framework for API revision.
  • The API in Android projects has its applications that describe the requirement of the framework in API revision. 
  • The API in Android projects has a system that negotiates the installation of applications on the user’s device, such that version-incompatible applications are not installed.


Thus, in this modern world, android plays a vital role. Let do the android projects with forecasting the future with Elysium pro.

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