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We have a dedicated e-learning portal for our students called My EGuru. It is a free web-based “Global Learning Portal” that offers cloud-based video courses to students from all around the world to excel in their fields. It has an impressive 55+ free video courses for students to choose from. The user is able to browse through research papers, learning materials, training videos et al.

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Elysium Pro has been the most sought-after destination for project development and training for the past 18+ years.

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55 Free Video Courses

ElysiumPro provides you 55 Free Video Courses for your knowledge updation. So that you can learn online. And also get knowledge on core concept. Additionally get awareness on various concepts. To point out, we also support cloud-based video courses to you. Notably, from all around the world to explore.

Being a project training institute, we have explored through more than 57 countries yet. Whereas, our projects published in magazines too. Every engineering student will get into projects only in final years. Instead of discussing about that. Since final year of an engineering student has very short span of time. Because they start to run for the job.