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A Real-Time Mobile Robots Using Matlab Projects for Engineering Students

Matlab Method

Matlab Method: Notably, most of the engineering candidates’ final year project will be based on Matlab techniques. Primarily, the majority of the ECE and EEE students never fails to do their final year projects using this software. Did anyone think, why these guys always prefer this software? There are various reason behind this which attracts the students towards it. Also, it is very easy for the students to handle and operate. In this article, we are going to cover you with Matlab Projects for Engineering Students.

Matlab – An Intro

As you all know, Matlab is the abridgment of Matrix Laboratory. This is a language for programming which is in the fourth generation. A lot can do with Matlab which is also utilizable as a software. It can access manipulation of matrix, data, and functions plotting, implementation of the algorithm, and creation of user interface along with the other languages like C, C++, and Java. With this language, one can develop many novel techniques and trends. This becomes the reason for the high preference for Matlab projects.

Matlab Method

1. Lossless Compression of Image

To point out that, cameras come with large megapixels to provide surplus quality of images. While increasing the quality, the size of the image will also increase. For this purpose, we can use compression techniques in Matlab projects for engineering students.

2. Huffman Decoding and Encoding

For security, it is crucial to encode the data and also for the perfect delivery. Huffman proposed a popular algorithm for encoding and decoding for persuasive communication. Matlab can perform this algorithm for transmitting the data.

3. Artificial Neural Network

In the field of medical science, Brain Simulation is the vast utilizing technique for detection of a tumour via digital image processing projects. The user will produce the input as a1, a2, and a3. The equivalent output will be as b1, b2, and b3. The program will train the system and gives the weight. This a fundamental to get knowledge about this neural network.

4. Circuit Design Calculator

During the construction of the electronic circuit, the values for the component can be built with the help of a formula derived from circuit theory. But this calculation wastes your time. The software can be developed with the utilization of Matlab for the purpose of solving, analyzing, and determining the circuit along with capacitors, resistors, transistors, diodes, and so on.

5. Antenna Analysis and Design

Now-a-days, we are expecting all the appliances to be wireless, should consume less power and high capability. The superior design of antenna can offer better efficiency, beam width and directivity. This program uses Matlab for creating highly capable antennas.

6. Recognition of Number Plate in Vehicle

It is very much supportive in the identification of official and unofficial vehicle number. In this two methods can be employed namely plate extraction of location and segmentation of plate features. For monitoring and security, a surveillance camera is used. But the challenging part is the identification of the moving part. With the help of this program applied in Matlab, it is easy to detect the moving vehicle and its number plate.

7. Analogue clock

Even though, many digital clocks ruling the world, the craze for analogue will never fall. This clock will have two hands one is for an hour, and the other is for minutes. There are many mathematical implementations lies in the design of the clock for accurate timing. You can design your clock for yourself with graphics collection of Matlab.

Matlab is an ocean, and you can do whatever you want with this language. But you need a little bit of programming knowledge. There is a variety of techniques for Matlab projects for engineering students even in the creation of real-time robots, this language plays a certain role. If you learn those, you can invent some amazing inventions on your own.

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