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July 19, 2020
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July 19, 2020

Cyber Security Trends

Cyber Security Trends: In this recent digital world with cyber security trends, how far the development of technology increases, cyber crime also increases. Due to the conversion of our physical world in to digital world. This crime rate that once happen in the real world also become widespread in cyberspace.

As a matter of fact, in the daily news, there is a lot of cyber crime extensively take place in various sectors. That is, number of WordPress sites are hacked, spreading the malware via fake mobile phone calls, irregular text format etc. In this current year, these crimes have just become a basic of hacking. Because the cyber crimes enhancing day by day.

In fact, many unimaginable hacking thefts are taking place nowadays. Since all our details come under a single identity proof. All the hackers focusing on that to steal all our personal account details. Many of them face this theft without their knowledge. After the loss of particulars, everyone came to know that their details are theft.

In order to reduce all these crimes, cyber security gets introduce into the field. The main purpose of cyber security trends rises to protect the digital data that is stolen without proper prior intimation. For that, it is essential to investigate the past as well as the future of security trends in protecting cyber crimes.

Tenure of Ransomware

During the last couple of years, the major headline daunting is ransomware attack. Only in 2017, the growth of ransomware hit nearly thousands of hospitals, private enterprises, and individual online users. Likewise, the attacker’s record extends within a year. The researcher on ransomware report that this attack has begun spreading through several operating systems. Such as Linux, Mac, Android, and IOS smartphone OS. Also, it extends to target with the primary attack on Windows PCs.

Unfortunately, this ransomware attack effect will remain throughout the year. Most experts in researching the reign of ransomware, accept that these malware types. Also continue with its result existing in future endeavors.

Breach of Big Data and Cloud Malware

As not only ransomware continue to frighten the world, it also reigns terror on the universe from the cloud. Since the cloud computing technology store bulk amount of data for enterprise and provide a sole target for cyber criminals.

All these cyber security trends improve several developments in protecting the digitalized world. To acquire and implement this latest trends in your final year project, ElysiumPro offers you the best project training with practical results. Some of the domains offered are cloud computing, Data mining, Signal processing, Arduino projects etc. So, think unique and acquire different IEEE project titles to improve your career.

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