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An Overview of Biometric Authentication System and Its Applications

Biometric Authentication System

Generally, Biometric Authentication System is a security progression that trusts on the distinctive biological characteristics of an individual to authenticate that he is who is says he is. Usually, this latest biometric application system associates a biometric data capture to store, authorize and authentic data in a database. Its applications and techniques are much useful in several industries.


A typical biometric system involves four main segments, the first being the sensor module. This is the primary step in any biometric system for obtaining the user’s raw biometric data. The device useful to attain said data differs depends upon the trait type. For instance, an optical sensor is naturally prefer to scan a palm or fingerprint. Likewise, the digital camera is useful to detect facial images or definite aspects of the iris or retina. These sensors or cameras produce a digital image of the biometric.

The second module accomplishes feature extraction. In this module, the perceived raw biometric data is reduce into a group of significant features, the feature set. These are occasionally stated as the template of biometric. In the same way, the third module is the module of the database where the features extract from the second module, along with some biographic or other relevant labels, are stored. Finally, the last module is for matching performance, where the biometric system forms whether the feature extract set has an identical database template that generates information security trends.


Generally, these modules will function in two leading phases as Enrollment and recognition. The enrollment phase produces the digital demonstration of a person’s biometric feature and then stores this depiction in the database of the system. Additionally, the recognition phase once more falls into two diverse types as Verification and Identification. Verification includes accepting or rejecting a person’s claimed character. “Are you who you claim to be?” To mention that, these systems are refer as one to one authentication systems.

Customarily, Identification contains creating an individual’s characteristics. ”Who are you?” These systems are state as 1-to-N authentication systems, as the complete database is typically examine in the stage of recognition.

Top 5 Applications of Biometric Authentication Systems Ought to Know

  • Airport Security
  • Time and Appearance
  • Law Enforcement
  • Access Control and Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Banking Transaction Authentication

1. Airport Security

Making the journey over airport terminals more unifing for travelers is a goal mutual by airports all over the world. Biometric technology to authenticate traveler identities is using in some large international airports and the technology is rapidly scattering to other positions. Generally, in many airports, the best biometric modality optimal for immigration control is recognition of iris.

To practice iris recognition, travelers are first register by consuming a photo of their iris and face caught by a camera. The camera then photographs the iris. Matching the details with the database information is possible through the software program. To mention that, Biometrics shortens the experience of an airport for millions of travelers traveling every day. Use of the technology additionally confirms the maximum level of safety and security.

2. Time and Appearance

Customarily, biometric time and attendance system is the automatic method of identifying an operative depends on a physical or behavior representation. Some of the most interactive biometric features that perform as identification of employee are irises, fingerprints, faces, palm veins, and finger veins. Typically, when an operative tries a proof of identity with their biological characters, a biometric hardware device associates the new scan to all available models to discover a precise match.

3. Law Enforcement

Usually, Biometrics is also extensively useful for prison and jail management. Biometrics offers a contemporary resolution which the Public Security Departments, Jail Authority, and Governments can securely and safely accomplish the identities of the prisoner.

4. Access Control and Single Sign-on (SSO)

Generally, this technique arises because passwords are not only enough for personal identification. Today, biometrics is broadly uses ubiquitously in the world for mobile phone access, single sign-on, home access control as well as authenticating vehicle access.

5. Banking Transaction Authentication

Customarily, biometrics in banking is cumulating an abundant deal all over the world. As global financial objects become further digital depends, banks are applying biometric technology to progress customer and employee uniqueness management, exert of combat fraud, enhance customer convenience, as well as increase transaction security. As a result, Biometric Authentication System is applicable in several fields as a safety purpose, generates security project ideas and it is more vital.

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