Embedded System Project Ideas – Real-Time Applications in Our Daily Lifestyle

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Embedded System Project Ideas – Real-Time Applications in Our Daily Lifestyle

Embedded Systems Application in Daily Life

Embedded Systems Application in Daily Life: What is the embedded system? Generally, a real-time embedded system is an application that completes a certain task and possesses specific performance or usage of the operation.

Nowadays, many of the computers are embedded, and they are found in game consoles, medical equipment, mobiles, machines manufacturing, and white goods. Usually, these systems are intended to run into the specific desires of their users. Interesting embedded projects provide some useful information about this technique.


Usually, an embedded system comprises of both hardware and software. That is, it composes of hardware circuitry and software programming system. Additionally, it has several blocks like circuits, processors, timers, and ports.


Generally, the hardware requirements of the embedded system projects rest on on the particular project model. Some of the common equipment are the central processing unit, counters, power supply circuits, timers, parallel and serial communication ports, oscillation circuits and memory devices. The set of directives written in programming languages like C, C++, JAVA, consumes programming software of Proteus, Keil Compiler, LabView, and so on are termed as programs. To mention that, there are multiple instructions set for each program that stores in microcontroller and performs the several tasks in hardware and software.


Specifically, the embedded system is categorized into two types on the basis of functional requirements and the basis of microcontroller performance. These two sequences also have their subsequences.

Embedded Systems based on Usage and Functional Requirements

  • Real Time
  • Stand Alone
  • Networked
  • Mobile

Embedded Systems based on Microcontroller Performance

  • Small Scale
  • Medium Scale
  • Sophisticated Embedded System

Top 5 Embedded System Projects

Here is a set of best embedded system project ideas for professional students. All the following projects are also consider as a modern IoT Projects.

1. Embedded Web Technology in Traffic Monitoring System

As a fact, the main aim of this venture is to produce software & hardware that can organize data with the support of USB 2.0. Through this project support, one can fetch the forward reality in the complete form for a new innovative product. To state, this audio solution of USB produces high-speed USB 2.0 with audio data of 480mb/s that delivers audio of 24 bit. In specific, the large supple XMOS machines allow one to habit the solution for the exact combination of interfaces and digital procedures. Additionally, this project structure embrace of the USB Audio 1.0 support.

2. Automation of Cars

Specifically, this type of projects is possible with the transmitter and receiver. One can integrate the system of car automation with a microprocessor as per the necessity. For locking and unlocking the car the usage of finger impression play a vital role. Additionally, to give the location and direction of the car, one must integrate the navigator with the system. All these functionalities and specifications of this projects are possible with the appliances of embedded system techniques.

3. Transient Control for Home Appliances

The importance of this project is to aim a device that controls the transients to take through all home automation usages. This development purposes with a microcontroller and the embedded system. The highest portion of the system is the microcontroller which works under the commands of the system with computer programming language, objective C. Likewise, sensors are fetched into use to recognize differences in the features and delivers the message to analog to digital converter. These converted messages are transferring to microcontroller programming for the further process. All these features all well performed with the ideas of embedded.

4. Temperature Controlled Fan Projects

In fact, the main aim of this temperature controlled fan projects is for controlling the fan speed depends on the temperature of the room automatically. Generally, it involves LM35 sensor for reading the temperature of the room and transfers the data to the digital to analog converter to proceed the further process in the microcontroller with an embedded system.

5. Secure Door Lock System

Finally, this project is label with the support of a digital lock that interface with a microcontroller. In this, it is important to give priority to the safety of your house and office. As a result, this project enables a security password in the door. Altogether, the necessary gadgets for this project are a DC motor, the buzzer for an alarm, and a keypad.

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