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Wireless Networking Technologies

wireless networking technologies: Generally, everyone heard a lot about the wireless networking technologies. But the fact that all have the curiosity to know what exactly it is and also to attain processing knowledge in detail. As the name defines, the wireless technology is meant for creation of devices without external cables or wiring. To describe its history, the wireless communications found in the year 1876. During that time, these trends attract many industrial fields, institutions, communication sectors etc. That is, a great acceptance among all is the first achievement of wireless technology. Once it is implemented, the reach towards the younger generation is gladly received.

Further, that reach takes this technology to go to greater heights. From that instance, wireless communication field came out with unexpected innovative devices. To illustrate this with an example, considering the communication devices and its development defines well about it. Exactly, we all know about the famous person, Alexander Graham Bell who invents the telephone, a first communicating device. From that invention, many advancements in communication field emerge in this scientific world. Then, the device development growth improves with the invention of the cordless phone. Whereas that lead extends towards the mobile phone creation.

Why Do You Need Wireless Technology?

As a matter of fact, the term wireless denotes the transmission or communication in order to transfer information. Especially over a distance without any basic requirements like electrical conductors, wires or cables. To paraphrase, it is one of the technological trends that transfers data or information via considering it as a medium. The general brief about wireless networking technologies are the transmission takes place through the air. In specific, it happens using electromagnetic waves like radio frequencies, Satellite and infrared communications etc. These are few of the wireless network communication technology.

Now coming to the point that, why there is a need for wireless technology, the main reason is considering two advantages. One reason is mobility and the other is cost savings. As it is a known fact that, using wireless networking technologies you can move freely and communicate. That too all around your comfortable area like home, office and even within the city. Then the next point is a considerable cost without installing cables as it may expense high. Obviously, the long-distance cabling also difficult to implement that leads to beyond affordable price. Additionally, the consideration lies in connecting cables in established buildings also treated as a big challenge to execute.

Beneficial Uses

Some of the crucial benefits that happen due to wireless networking technology are provided below.

  • Using wireless access point, entire network gets the connection for more than one desktops, tablets, and mobile phones.
  • Linking two physically separated buildings. Example, Business premises, mobile networking sites, farm buildings etc.
  • Nowadays, accessing network using Hotspots in almost all public areas like Parks, Hotels, Caravans, and Restaurants etc.
  • Wireless Network at infrastructure where network acts as a backbone and customer help.
  • Remote sensing system to access equipment like remote sensors, mobile device controllers, security cameras etc.

Various Types of Wireless Technologies

In current days, wireless networking technology has segregation based on communication as well as data transmission.

Here, the types of wireless communication technologies that rise into the field are

  • Satellite Communication
  • WiMAX – Wireless broadband
  • Wi-Fi – Low power wireless networking
  • Bluetooth Technology
  • ZigBee

Then the types of wireless data transmission based on its information transmitting from one place to another location is mentioned as follows.

  • Wireless Router – Directs the data towards the destination
  • A Wireless Adapters – Hardware that installs inside computers
  • Wireless Repeater – Amplifies the Wireless Signals
  • Microwave wireless transmission – efficient to transfer information using satellite and terrestrial method
  • Infrared media transmission system through light diode or lasers

Finally, to end up with wireless devices, some of the devices are Radio, Wireless Phones – cordless phones, mobile phones or smartphones. Some of the modern wireless networking technologies devices are garage door opening sensor system, baby monitors for security purposes, video games, walkie-talkies all come under this amazing wireless network projects.

Thus, it is one of the interesting domains anyone can choose to learn deeply or to prefer for projects. Similarly, some of the astonishing domains are cloud computing, Data analytics, Image Processing, Mobile computing, latest communication systems, Big Data and Hadoop, Php and Android etc. Think different and act wisely to stand unique among all.

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