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Network Traffic in 2021: Network traffic is major component for the management and measurement of bandwidth. Furthermore, different topologies of network could be applied on the basis of quantity of network traffic in systems. The network traffic is broadly segregated in interactive traffic, heavy/busy traffic, latency traffic and non-real time traffic. In interactive traffic as well as latency traffic, when there is no priority for applications, it will lead to very poor response-time. In non-real time traffic, it consumes the bandwidth only in the working hours whereas in busy or heavy traffic, more bandwidth is said to be consumed in traffic. Continuous regulation in network is predominant for securing the system and running it more effectively. Further, the information that are gathered by the monitoring tools could be utilized in IT operational as well as multiple security cases for identifying the network issues, security vulnerabilities as well as analysing impacts of new apps on network. Additionally, these are the best ways for monitoring network traffic.

Before looking into the best ways, let’s dive in to the key sources for monitoring network traffic, and they are,

  • Device data
  • Wi-Fi data
  • Packet data
  • Flow data

Device data

In recent days, enterprise network is getting more complex and it frequently depends upon the vendors such as Aruba, Cisco and many others for providing the network infrastructure as well as devices. Most of the devices were designed for monitoring network traffic by utilizing API or SNMP data. And these data helps to troubleshoot and resolve the network issues on particular devices.

Wi-Fi data

The rapid increase of Wi-Fi is becoming as standardized network technique in some branches as well as remote sites. Having an opportunity for performing the wireless packet capture is very critical source data to monitor the Wi-Fi network traffic.

Packet data

The packet data is usually needed for higher level analysis that are required for troubleshooting the complicated network issues, particularly with videos as well as VoIP. Besides, utilizing packet capture helps these appliances for extending the network traffic monitoring and applications to the data centres, WAN edge, branches as well as remote sites.

Flow data

For the complete visibility in to the platforms such as LiveFlow, JFlow, IPFIX and Netflow, the performance of the network across the multi-domain, multi-cloud as well as multi-vendor network environments, eighty percent of the frequent issues in the network traffic could be resolved by utilizing only the flow data.

Identifying the key sources for monitoring network traffic is the first and foremost step for effectively monitor the network traffic. Typically, this needs the unifying data from the multiple source, particularly in larger organizations. In these key sources, if we are looking forward to the journey mapping as well as traffic volumes of network packet from the origin to the destination, flow data will be helpful. Further, these levels of information helps in detecting unauthorized Wide Area Network traffic as well as use the network performance and resources. And the packet data that are extracted from the network packet helps the network managers to understand the applications’ operations and monitoring suspicious malware. Moreover, the DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) tools offers 100% visibility by transformation of RAW meta-data to a readable format.

Choose relevant points on networks for monitoring the network traffic

The most common mistake made by people when the development of NTA tool is, including numerous data sources in the beginning. It is not necessary for monitoring all network points. We can pick the points at convergence of data. For instance, if you are new in monitoring network traffic, begin with monitoring the internet gateways. Monitoring network gateways could be great security source as well as operational data.

Real time data is inadequate

The capacity of monitoring the real time network traffic is adequate for accomplishing several objectives in monitoring network traffic. But, real time data will not be sufficient for all the time. Moreover, the historical traffic data is considered as ideal data for the network forensics as well as predominant for analysing the past events and comparing the current network activities with previous weeks. Thus, for this, using tools to monitor the network traffic with DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) is best. Also, certain tools to monitor networking projects selects to age the data. Which means the historical data gathers less details. And, without the complete and accurate data associating with event, we can get no answers.

Relate data with the usernames

The conventional tools for monitoring network traffic reports on the activity by utilizing MAC or IP address. Although, this a beneficial information, if we try to identify problematic, it could cause problems in the DHCP-environment. A piece of information, which combines the devices as well as network security projects activities is known as the user names. Additionally, the association of usernames will let us know who is using the network and for what purpose they are on the network.

Verify packet payloads as well as flows for the suspicious content

Several networks possess IDS (intrusion detection systems), but only few possess this technology that monitors the internal traffic. Further, this takes IoT device or rouge mobile for compromising the network. Additionally, other issues are the firewalls that allows the suspicious traffic via a misconfigured rule.


The NTA (Network Traffic Analysis) is a predominant tool for monitoring the network activities as well as availabilities for finding the maximum performance and anomalies. Further, it is considered as the core visibility piece, also the security analysis is required for discovering threats as well as quickly remediating them. While choosing the solution of network traffic analysis, we must consider recent blind-spots on the network, critical points and data-sources on network at the convergence for effective monitoring. Moreover, when NTA has been added as layer for the information security as well as event management. Thus, these ways will benefit us to monitor the network traffic.

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