7 Astonishing Big Data Project Ideas For Beginners In 2022

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7 Astonishing Big Data Project Ideas For Beginners In 2022

Big Data is an astonishing subject. In the past twenty years, extra records are created every hour these days than in 12 months. Big Data attributes to data that is so huge, speedy, or complex that it’s difficult or not possible to using traditional strategies. It is classified into Volume, Variety, Veracity and velocity.


Big Data is an astonishing subject. In the past twenty years, extra records are created every hour these days than in 12 months. Big Data attributes to data that is so huge, speedy, or complex that it’s difficult or not possible to using traditional strategies. It is classified into Volume, Variety, Veracity and velocity.


The size of data that should be extracted.


Refers to the data’s type and nature. For example, data can be text, images, videos, audio, log files, sensors, and so on, and it can flow in batches, streams, or both. In addition, data can be unstructured, structured or a combination of the two.


The data refers to its consistency and quality. In several cases, raw data should be processed, which could require filtering out unnecessary data.


The data speed must be collected and processed.

  • Airline Dataset Analysis
  • Large amounts of data from any site need to be processed and analyzed to become useful to the business.
  • If you’re looking for Big Data analytics projects for students, this is another great option.
  • Major routes have to be monitored in airlines’ circumstances to ensure that more airlines are available on those routes to increase efficiency.
  • Would this number of people flying across a specific path fluctuate over the day, and what factors cause these fluctuations? Furthermore, delays can be monitored – are older flights more prone to delays? When is the best time of day/week/year/month to minimize delays? The focus on this data benefits for both the airlines and the passengers who use them.
  • In this case, Hive/Impala is used to partition and cluster the data. Furthermore, Apache pig is used for data pre-processing.

Processing of Web Server Log:

  • A web server log stores a list of page requests as well as the activities that have occurred.
  • Further to analyze the data, web servers can store, process, and mine it.
  • This allows for the determination of webpage ads as well as SEO (Search engine optimization).
  • Web-server log analysis can be used to improve the overall user experience.
  • This type of analysis is advantageous to any business that relies heavily on its website to increase profits or connect with customers.
  • For storage and processing, can use a Hadoop ecosystem comprised of tools such as Impala, Pig, Hive, Kafka Oozie, Spark and HDFS.

Analysis of Real-Time Traffic:

  • Many major cities experience traffic congestion, particularly during peak hours.
  • If traffic on common and alternate routes is monitored in real-time, steps could relieve traffic on some roads.
  • Real-time traffic analysis is also used to design traffic lights at crossings to stay green for a longer time on high-traffic roads and for a shorter time on roads with low moving vehicles at a given time.
  • Real-time traffic information will guide businesses in managing their logistics and individuals who work in planning their commute.
  • Deep learning concepts are used to analyze this dataset properly.

Crime Datasets Analysis: 

  • Big Data has been discovered to have applications IEEE PAPERS OF ECE in the public sector for detecting patterns in crimes.
  • Analysis of crimes, like robberies, shootings, and murders, can help make decisions that keep police officers on a high alert for the probability of crimes in a given area.
  • These changes can assist in identifying a more strategic and efficient approach to selecting police stations and stationing individuals.
  • Furthermore, IEEE PAPERS OF ECE
  • with real-time access to CCTV surveillance, behaviour detection can support the detection of unusual activity.
  • Likewise, face recognition software has the potential to play a major role in identifying criminals.
  • A quick analysis of a crime dataset is an excellent Big Data project idea for students; moreover, it can be made more complex by combining crime prediction and facial recognition in places where it is needed.

Prediction of Health Status:

  • Wealth cannot exist unless one is healthy enough to enjoy the world’s pleasures.
  • Several diseases have causes that can be environmental,  genetic,  dietary, and much more common for a certain age group and more common in certain races or particular places.
  • More risk variables are used to estimate the chance of the start of one of these difficulties by compiling datasets of this information related to certain diseases, such as breast cancer, diabetes, and Parkinson’s disease.
  • When the risk variables are unknown, data analysis can be utilised to discover patterns in the risk factors and estimate the chance of onset.
  • The degree of difficulty may fluctuate based on the sort of analysis required for various conditions.  However, a beginner-level big data project idea because must use prediction tools.

Prediction of Natural Disasters in a Specific Area:

  • Natural disasters like wildfires and landslides have been seen to occur frequently during specific seasons and in particular places.
  • IEEE PAPERS OF ECE is possible to monitor areas prone to these tragedies and detect triggers that lead to such concerns utilising geospatial technology such as GIS (Geographic Information System) and remote sensing models.
  • If disasters can be forecast with greater accuracy, efforts are needed to avoid local inhabitants, contain disasters and even prevent disasters from happening again in the future.
  • Landslide data from the past should be examined, while data from the ground must be monitored in real-time through remote sensing.
  • The less damage there is, the easier to stop it the sooner the disaster is discovered. This Big Data project’s challenges are exacerbated by the requirement for GIS introduction and implementation.

GIS Analysis for Improved Waste Management:

  • Globally, large amounts of waste are being produced due to urbanisation and population growth.
  • Inappropriate waste disposal threatens not only the environment and therefore us.
  • The process of transporting, handling, storing, collecting, recycling, and disposing of the waste is called waste management.
  • Using GIS modelling, can achieve optimal routing of solid waste collection IEEE PAPERS OF ECE trucks to ensure that waste is picked up, transferred to a transfer site, and ultimately reaches landfills or recycling plants in the most efficient manner.
  • GIS modelling is also used to determine the best locations for landfills. The location and placement of garbage bins within city limits must also be considered.
  • Sustainable waste management has emerged as a critical issue that must address.
  • In this project, some knowledge is required related to remote sensing and GIS.


Our Elysium Project provides Big Data Project Ideas for beginners IEEE PAPERS OF ECE. 

We hope you were able to find some new ideas for projects in this list. The source codes IEEE PAPERS OF ECE for many of these projects can be found on our website, along with tutorials and explanation of the tools used in the projects so that you can get an in-depth understanding of how and why the data has to be processed in the way that it is and you can even use a similar approach for different applications.  Remember, it’s never too late to learn a new skill, and even more so a field which has so many uses at present and even then, still has so much more to offer. We hope that some of the ideas inspire you to come up with ideas of your own.

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