How to choose a ieee final year project that’s perfect for you?
November 17, 2017

How to be a boss during Final Year Project Presentation?

final year project presentation

final year project presentation

Engineering final year Project Presentation

You are an Engineering student who’s about to give a final year project presentation of your final year project in front of external validators, internal guide, faculty and your fellow students. Months and months of preparation and efforts will be validated based on the powerpoint presentation you demonstrate. The precious few minutes are of paramount importance to you make a clear impression on your project and its uniqueness.

After the completion of final year project, students are expected to present their research work in the form of PowerPoint presentation at various conferences.

Here are a few tips to follow while preparing your presentation and presenting it.

Preparing your Presentation:

The best way to give any presentation is to format your content into a narrative and reduce its content so that there are no more than three main ideas that you want the audience to be able to retain. Do not perform a data dump. If the information doesn’t directly support those three main points, don’t include it (push it to backup slides). It is not logical to tell people five things if they will only retain three.

  1. Less is more.
  2. You want the focus to be on the message, rather than just the slides themselves. Keep the slides on-topic, but simple enough that people can still pay attention to what you’re saying, using the visual presentation to support your message. It can be valuable to keep your slides simple when delivering a presentation to an audience in-person.

    When you, a human being, deliver a presentation, chances are that that’s part of the reason why people are tuning in. They care about the topic, but they also are curious about the person speaking on it.

  3. Keep text to a minimum.
  4. One way to accomplish the aforementioned simplicity is to reduce the amount of text in your presentation. People recall information better when images are paired with it (as opposed to text), so to help your message resonate with the audience, focus on visual content when you create your slides — we’ll cover more on that in a bit.

    You certainly won’t be alone — even Google CEO Sundar Pichai practices the reduction of text in his presentations. “Since stories are best told with pictures,” he reportedly remarked at Google I/O 2017, “bullet points and text-heavy slides are increasingly avoided at Google.”

  5. Rethink visuals.
  6. When you reduce the amount of text in your slides, you’ll need compelling visuals to support the message you’re delivering to your audience. But that doesn’t mean you can just throw some nice-looking photos onto your deck and move on. Like any other content strategy, the visual elements of your presentation need to be strategic and relevant.

    Focus on the following aspects more

    • Templates
    • Charts and Graphs
    • Color Themes
    • Fonts
    • Image quality
  7. Incorporate multimedia.
  8. There’s a reason why we love examples. You can give out the best advice available, but sometimes, in order to believe it, people need to see it in practice.

    Multimedia is one way to achieve that — in a manner that can also capture and maintain your audience’s attention. A simple Google search for “music in presentations” yields enough soundtrack results to suggests that it’s a unique way of engaging your audience, or at least create a welcoming atmosphere before and after you speak.

    Within the presentation itself, video — as it is in so many other applications — serves as valuable visual content to keep your audience engaged. After all, 43% of people want to see more video content from marketers, often because it helps to illustrate and explain theories in practice in a way that the spoken word or photographs can’t do alone.

During Presentation:

Now that you have prepared a winning PPT on your final year project by following all the above-mentioned tips, you need to plan in order to come up with an effective way to present it in front of an audience. No matter how rich the content of your slides, the way you final year project presentation it plays a key role in validators scoring you highly.

  1. Body Language
  2. Move! Get your audience involved. Don’t stand behind a lectern. A lectern puts a layer between you and the audience. A handheld mic is okay, but a cordless lavaliere mic is much better. As much as you can… get your audience out of their seats and involved laughing. People remember 10% of what they hear, 30% of what they hear & see and 70% of what they DO.

  3. Voice & Clarity
  4. Voice and clarity are important. One way to achieve clarity is to emphasize the last sound of each word. It may sound odd at first but not to the audience. It will sound very polished. This cannot be stressed enough, pause! No more than six (6) words at a time without a pause. Even less….than six….will be effective. All great speakers….pause.

  5. Keep the Audience Engaged
  6. Your final year project presentation can’t be a monologue. It means you can’t keep talking to yourself. You need to constantly engage with and address your audience. Asking questions and addressing their queries with proper information would improve the impact of your presentation a lot.
    The main thing professional speakers are doing now is telling stories, primarily about themselves. If you can tell a story about each word/topic on your cards, your speech will have a better flow.

  7. Posture
  8. Stand up straight. Keep your hands on your sides until you need them. Don’t fiddle with your props for the presentation. Ensure that your moves from standing straight ahead or perhaps, a short walk and using the slides are smooth and unfettered.

    Finally, the adage “Practice Makes Perfect” applies to your presentation skills aptly. You must present your final year project presentation in as many seminars and symposiums as possible. Mastery of your project can be attained by presenting it frequently!

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